Lightroom courses now available

If you're keen to improve the results of your photography away from the camera but haven't taken the leap into Lightroom then The Image Project Lightroom foundation course is for you!  Photos straight from the camera rarely look as good as they can do and need some degree of processing to enhance what's there and correct minor issues.  Lightroom is the industry-standard tool that lets you do this extremely quickly and effectively - once you've got over the initial learning curve.  The foundation one-day Lightroom course gets you from zero to a good understanding of all the important parts of the tool and lots of practice processing your own images to achieve the results you're looking for.  If you already have some familiarity with Lightroom or Photoshop but want to step the results up then this will also be invaluable.  As you become familiar with what can be achieved with the files you already have, you will learn more about enhancing good light and colours and recognising when to stop trying to flog a dead horse (i.e. a photo that's not working!), thereby completing the circle of your photography and improving your judgement in the field.

A one-day course is only £75 for 2016 - contact for dates and availability.

Here's one I did earlier!  An example of how a RAW photo will not look great until some work is done to bring out the light and colours present.