Isle of Skye gallery

So I recently spent a week in my first visit to the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  Somewhat of a Mecca for landscape photographers, I understand, although I hadn't looked into too many detailed locations beforehand.  Well the weather most certainly wasn't 'on side' - in fact I was close to calling it off early at one point, due to the persistent low cloud and drizzle obscuring all the mountains, but I stuck around and luckily encountered a few breaks towards the end.

I also met up with a local photographer, Tim Wilcock, who showed me some good places to go and, most importantly, woke me up to the great waterfalls right on my doorstep that I had completely missed until then!  He comes very much recommended if you're ever visiting - thanks Tim!

The photos I've selected mostly have a different feel than my usual work; rather than try to fight the gloom, I tried to embrace it and work with what was in front of me.  Hope you enjoy!