Iceland trip

My first photography adventure into Iceland begins in 10 days' time and I'm pretty excited!  Iceland is renowned as one of the top landscape photography destinations on earth, for so many reasons that I can't do them justice here.  I've timed my visit to be in winter, meaning certain ice formations (including ice caves) are still present, and also to be at peak time for the Northern Lights.  I've actually been lucky enough to see these once before, in sub-arctic Canada many years ago, although this time I'll obviously be looking to photograph them as well. 


I'm looking for one or two shots to go in my collection for the Mall Galleries exhibition - I have something in mind but of course that will be difficult to stick to when I'm surrounded by natural eye candy!

I'm not sure how the internet access will on over there and how much time I'll have to process (I'm not one for posting things before I've reviewed them, developed them and slept on it to see if I change my mind in the morning - call it quality control!) but I'll try to post at least a taster of what it's like over there.  That is, if my fingers unfreeze from being outside in sub-zero temperatures and trying to operate buttons all day and night :)

I've seen so many pictures of Kirkjufell that I feel like I've been there already and set my tripod up all around it but still - it'll hopefully be a highlight of the trip.  Fingers crossed for interesting weather / clouds / sunsets and some snow to top it all off!