Photography workshops + Lightroom - 2019 dates now booking

Dorset coast workshop - 1-3 November 2019

Banbury area free photo walk - April 13 2019 (done - look out for potential September date)

Mansion Ruins workshop - 31 August 2019

What's it about?

A workshop is a day (or more) out in a great photographic location, with an experienced photographer on hand to guide you, where you can learn about and practice any aspect of photography you want to improve on, along with a small group of other like-minded people.  The best place to learn is at the point where you need the help - i.e. while taking photos!  You will absorb far more this way than from countless websites, videos or magazines.  To complete the process, you'll learn about editing and enhancing your images with the industry-standard tool, Lightroom.

Who is it aimed at?

These workshops are primarily aimed at beginner and intermediate skill levels, although anyone is welcome.  The focus is on taking better shots, thinking about what you are doing and experimenting, rather than learning theories.

What do I need to take part? Do I need a 'good' camera?

No! All you need is a camera, preferably one with some manual controls such as a DSLR, but compact cameras are fine too.  If you don't own a DSLR but want to try one out, you can borrow one for the day, free of charge.

What will I learn?

  • Camera control - learn to use the more advanced settings of your DSLR or compact camera (or some more basic ones!)

  • Composition - what should I point my camera at? How can I strengthen my compositions?

  • Techniques - what settings are best for various situations? What will happen if I take my camera off Auto mode? Do I need to use RAW?

  • Long exposures - introduction to this technique, which can creatively blur skies and water

  • Post-processing - introduction to managing and developing your images using Adobe Lightroom

What's Lightroom?

Lightroom is the industry-standard software for image organisation and processing.  Why do you need to know that?  Because in today's digital photography world, images straight from the camera are rarely print-ready and need some degree of post-processing to look their best.  I'll show you an easy way to achieve this in terms of a photography workflow using Lightroom.   After the workshop I'll give you an introduction to how it is used, on one of your own images taken that day.  Adjustments such as the example below can be done in less than 60 seconds and then, crucially, applied to as many other similar images as you want with only a few clicks.  My methods are designed to give strong and clear finished photos but keeping a natural and realistic style too.   

Photo processing and enhancing with Lightroom on the Image Project workshops by Nathan Barry - this one at Witley Court

Photo processing and enhancing with Lightroom on the Image Project workshops by Nathan Barry - this one at Witley Court


"I really enjoyed myself and learned lots at an amazing location" - Anna C-R

"Thank you again for a fantastic workshop, I learnt an awful lot and have put the ideas and tips you gave me into practice!" - Elli R

"Witley Court was an inspirational location for developing my photography skills. Nathan's tuition was a perfect balance of information, guidance and direction that gave me plenty of opportunity to find my own creative ideas and work on specifics to inprove selected shots. The introduction to Lightroom gave a useful insight into the endless possibilities with this software. I am absolutely delighted with the results." - Judith M

"Nathan made the day very enjoyable. Passed on good knowledge and really enjoyed the insight into editing. Met some lovely people and hope to meet up with them again" - Anon

"Great to have small groups so Nathan can spend time with each of you. It was good to be able to ask relevant questions at the time. Critique of photos taken on the day is invaluable" - Anon

Workshop participants' photos

Take a look at what previous participants have achieved.

Witley Court statues in the morning by Chrissy James

Witley Court statues in the morning by Chrissy James

Witley facade in the afternoon sun by Ye Ziyi

Witley facade in the afternoon sun by Ye Ziyi

Mushrooms at Witley Court by Joseph Hewat

By Elli Roberts at Elafris Photography

Waterfall by Anna Carter-Roberts

Panorama of Witley Court south facade in the afternoon sun by Elli Roberts at Elafris Photography

The money bit

Secure payments for booking workshops are done online via PayPal (no account necessary).  A deposit of £20 secures a one-day workshop space, with full payment due three weeks before the date.  For weekend workshops, a £100 deposit is required followed by full payment 8 weeks in advance.