About me

Hi, I'm Nathan Barry and this site showcases my photographic work.  I typically shoot landscapes and seascapes but sometimes other subjects too.   I have had my work published in the UK photographic press (Outdoor Photography and Amateur Photographer) and exhibited work to the public in London and Banbury.  I'm based in the Midlands, UK, but photograph all over the world wherever I have the chance.  I make a habit of disturbing people by getting up ridiculously early in the morning to take photos and starting my loud diesel car by their windows, then feeling tired for the rest of the day.  After that I'll do it all over again in the evening for sunset!  I love teaching people, sharing techniques and improving my own work.  Often I find that attempting to teach others things is the best way of learning myself. 

About my style

Like anyone, my style is still evolving and developing - all work shown here is just a reflection of where I'm at today.  I tend towards minimalist and simple compositions - ones which draw attention to something bold and significant in the scene.  This can make it hard work; subjects which reflect this can be few and far between!  I also seek a sense of looking towards the infinite in a scene, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.   I'm working on a few sub-themes which are taking a long time to come together but hopefully a group of images will result in the future for exhibition.

About my techniques

There's nothing special about my techniques or indeed my camera kit; nor does there need to be.  They just get you to the end result, as long as you use them carefully.  Like anyone, I post-process photos, mainly using Lightroom, to enhance the nature and clarity of the light inherent in the photo.  I aim to achieve a natural and credible style; all images on this site come from one shot, not blended exposures, for example.  A very famous photographer once told me that once your eyes ask questions of an image, the trust in it is lost, and I think your eyes are very hard to deceive.  What he meant, about the integrity of an image, is something that I always keep in mind.

Trying but failing to untangle the winter woods - still I can't help looking

Trying but failing to untangle the winter woods - still I can't help looking